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Ninja Marketing Tips for Creating Your 2013 Plan

   Posted by: Gary Wagnon    in Ninja Marketing

At the beginning of each year many businesses spend some time thinking about their goals for the coming year. And while setting goals is an important exercise, the implementation steps are equally critical. The goal is the benchmark we establish to measure our success. One major reason that goals or New Year’s resolutions are so quickly forgotten is the lack of steps to reach the goal.

Before creating your marketing blueprint, you first need to understand some basic rules of online marketing.   Below are four rules to consider.

Basic Rules of Internet Marketing

Look Before You Leap – The latest and greatest social media site may not be for you.  Just because everyone is talking about it doesn’t mean it’s for you.  Before taking the plunge, decide how you will use it and how it fits into your plan.  Can you devote the time and attention to another social channel?  What existing channel will you remove?


Attention Overload Doesn’t Apply To Search – We are bombarded with information but when someone is searching for you, they still need to find you.  And once they do, the more information you provide, the better your chances of being considered.  I hear people say, “I just want a 2 or 3 page website because nobody reads more than that.”  But if you are researching an upcoming buying decision, will a couple of pages suffice?  Not likely.  The more information available, the more likely that site will have a greater impact on your decision.

Content is King – The trend that started a few years back has continued to steamroll.  Forget fancy tricks and focus on creating content of value.  Not everyone will read everything you create nor will everyone be looking for the same thing when they visit your site.  Your goal is to have the solution to your visitors problem or dilemma readily available.  In a face to face selling situation, you’re going to point out every advantage doing business with you affords.  Your website/online channels should be as thorough.

 It’s Not The Yellow Pages —  You’re website and online presence is not a “set and forget” program, like a Yellow Page ad.  It should be dynamic content, updated frequently to reflect the changing landscape of your business.  I’m amazed (not really) at the people that study their Google Analytics and wonder why their traffic isn’t better.  Could it be because you aren’t giving your visitors any reason to come back to your site?  Once they’ve seen what you have and realize nothing has changed, it’s on to the site that has fresh, current information.

So before you create that grandiose plan, first visit your website and make sure all that traffic you are planning on driving to your site will actual take the action you want them to take.

Gary Wagnon is the owner of 800biz Ninja Marketing Strategies and the Ninja Marketing Dojo, a program designed to help businesses master all aspects of online marketing.  The goal of the Ninja Marketing Dojo is to improve search engine rankings, increase web site traffic and convert more browsers into buyers.

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Maybe you are Bruce Wayne by day and Batman by night.  Or just maybe, you’re clients and colleagues know you as Professor or Your Honor, but your high school classmates know you as “HotRod”.  Nothing is more comforting to hear than, “Hi, I’m Dr. Hotrod Smith and I’ll be operating on you today.”

Facebook is the great connector.  We reconnect with classmates we haven’t talked to in years.  With them, we relive memories, embarrassing moments and teenage milestones.  Plus, it’s fun.  But sharing that picture of ourselves may not exactly further our professional image.  I’m sure lots of us have those past skeletons (like streaking the quadrangle in college), but we don’t exactly put them on our resume.


Enter the new Facebook Friends lists.  Facebook launched their expanded Smart Friend List feature this week.  With this change, your friends can now be categorized into four pre-defined categories, Friends, Family, Acquaintances and geographic location.  You have always had the ability to create lists but the process of posting to a specific list was cumbersome and obscure.  Today it’s prominently displayed next to the share button on your status update.

When the Friends Smart List feature launched, it automatically assigned friends to your local area list.  It also assigns some family members to the Family group (although I had to add a couple of my immediate family members.  They were in the “List suggestion” section, which made it easy to add.)  You will have to initially add people to the other lists.  In the beginning, it may be a little time consuming, but if you add new friends to lists as you confirm them, it will be much easer.

Maintaining Your Two Personalities

I frequently hear clients and social media students ask, “How can I keep my business and personal life separated?”  Smart lists make that very easy.  But more than that, it can be a good practice to enhance your marketing message.  Chances are, your friends may not be the least bit interested in your business marketing content.  And when your professional connections are “eavesdropping” on your conversations with friends, they probably won’t be able to follow along or even be interested.  Either group may tend to filter out your updates since they aren’t pertinent to them.

A better practice would be to target your updates to the group of friends it is directed to.  Create a list of professional or business friends and post only business related content to that group.  Meanwhile, create another list of friends that you post your personal updates to.  Each list then sees content they should be interested in and will be more attuned to each post you make.

There will be some friends that will fit both categories, so assign them to both.  They won’t receive duplicate posts, but they will receive posts anytime you update either list.  Some of your content will be appropriate for everyone.  In those cases you can post to Friends and everyone will receive it.


One thing you should know about Smart Lists.  When you post to a list, there is an icon on the “Like  Comment” line below the post.  The icon will either be a globe (Public), friends or a cog (lists).  By mousing over the icon, you will see a message that shows what the update was shared to friends, friends of friends or the name of the Smart List.  For that reason, you may want to be cautious with your list names.

List can be useful in many ways, such as announcing local events.  What other ways have you used the list feature?

Gary Wagnon is the Sensei of the Ninja Marketing Dojo, a comprehensive online marketing course designed to relieve the frustration business owners and manager face when trying to understand online marketing.  Using a martial arts model, students will build on foundational principals, mastering each level before advancing.


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