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Using social media to market your business is not an option anymore. More than 40% of small businesses don’t have websites and another 25% opt not to sell their products or services on the Internet.  You still have time to join the minority.


Here are the top 10 reasons for you to post, friend and tweet right now:

10. Everyone is out there. Social media sites are the new communities. It’s where people interact, voice their opinions, get their news and shop.

9. The world is your marketplace.Unless you have to physically hold your client’s hand or can’t carry online inventory, with a PayPal account and an “Order Now” button you can do business everywhere.

8. Give them something to talk about. One of the fastest ways to spread your words is with outrageousness. This creates stories to tell. People will love to read them and share them. If their friends love them and share them, the next thing you know, you’re Susan Boyle.susan-boyle

7. Word of mouth is back. Social media is the perfect venue for spreading the much-coveted (and free) word of mouth advertising. The social sites give you access to an audience that has an audience that has an audience.

6. No one is an expert. A handful of people have reached big audiences with their advice or product. But, because of the web’s sheer complexity, no one has mastered any niche. If you really know your stuff, go for it.

5. It’s cheap. If you want to spend the time and learn to do it yourself, you can set up your social media accounts for nothing. Well, it will probably require a few pots of coffee to get you through the process.

4. It’s an addiction. People are spending hours a day posting and tweeting. In the last century, this obsession was known as television. This time around it’s interactive, so get out there and interact. It won’t cost you $1 million for a 30 second spot.

3. Make a difference. Social media communities are at their best when spreading the meaningful – promoting a charity, sending prayers and good wishes and even just putting out positive vibe. Get those stories started yourself.

2. You can be brief. Especially in the social media communities, the shorter your message the better. Isn’t it a lot easier to write a 140 character tweet than a 500 word sales letter?

and the #1 reason to participate in social media:

1. Promote your business. Yes, you can do that here too. The recommended ratio of business to advice and information posts is about 10 to 1. Don’t be obnoxious, promote a good thing and people will buy.

The major social media sites already report over 500 million members. Do the math. You could probably find a few thousand followers among that population, and probably make at least a few hundred sales.

Are you struggling with what to say?  “Open the Door to a World of Mouth, Get Your Message Heard & Create a Following That Does Your Advertising for You” e-book gives you a blueprint for writing compelling copy for the web and for your social media.  Get your copy now at


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Copywriting Your Way to Word of Mouth Advertising

   Posted by: Gary Wagnon    in Marketing

Create a Following that Does Your Advertising for You

Word of Mouth Advertising through Copywriting

Word of Mouth Advertising through Copywriting

Everyone in business knows the magic of word of mouth advertising. As a business owner marketing your company on the Internet, that’s the all-consuming attention you want to attract from a loyal group of followers. It’s also the kind of attention so many readers sparingly give.

Capturing this attention means creating copy that tells your readers what’s in it for them. Connect with them emotionally and they’ll be so interested in your words that they’ll want to take action – buy, know more, subscribe or contact you.

Use language to create curiosity and emotional appeal. People are usually inside their own heads. They’re thinking about the to-do list, the fight with their boss or what to have for dinner. Your goal is to get through the noise and get them to pay attention to you.

The first step to capturing their interest is showing that you care about them. Some of the best ways are to educate, entertain and create agreement with your readers. This builds rapport. Rapport will get your audience talking about you. That will ultimately bring you business.

You market yourself and your business by starting conversations. Sincerely provide your advice and create an audience of advocates. In the age of social media, this is what starts the nirvana of all advertising: word of mouth. Create this from a loyal following, and they’ll be better than any advertising money can buy. When they trust you and tell their friends, your reputation grows. Sales will follow.

The bottom line is this: just get writing If it’s overwhelming, pick one medium (website, articles, blog) and one social media site (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube). Do your research on what to write, read what others are saying, learn the environment and start to build your reputation with your words.

In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write something worth reading or do things worth writing.” Why not both?

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