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Are You AOL or Facebook?

   Posted by: Gary Wagnon    in Social Media Marketing

Are You AOL or Facebook

Are You AOL or Facebook

Wouldn’t you like to be around a thousand years from now when archeologist unearth thousands of AOL disks while digging in the landfills?   Do you think they will make the connection man evolved from a little round headed stick figure?

AOL grew to nearly 30 million subscribers over 12 years by sending out millions of disks and partnering with every major business they could.  You could even pick up an AOL install disk at the Post Office!

Facebook launched in 2004 and today, the community is over 350 million active members.  The meteoric rise of Facebook is due to their multi-million dollar ad campaign right?  You have seen the Facebook ads, haven’t you?  Or a Facebook installation disk? Hummm, no big dollar ad campaign, no preinstalled software.  How could Facebook explode like they did?

Old marketing meant interrupting people.  Forcing yourself in front of as many people as possible and usually meant a large dollar expenditure.

New marketing is permission based.  It means finding people with like interests and being a part of the community.  New marketing is based on trust, not the depth of your bank account.

Is your marketing plan about building relationships or shouting your message at as many people as possible?  If you are still shouting, it’s time to change your thinking.  Become the expert in your field.  Give away valuable information – for FREE.  Make yourself memorable, unforgettable.  You want to do business with the leader in the field; so do your customers.

Are you old school or cutting edge?  AOL or Facebook?  It’s your choice.

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