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If you have searched Google for a local product or service and seen the map with pin points for the businesses that fit your search, you’ve seen the Google Local Business Center.  If you have a local business, your business should be listed here.  There is no cost to list your business and the process is pretty simple.

Maybe you knew that already.  But I bet you didn’t know this.  Google just made a change that unless you verify your business listing ANYONE can edit it.   What would keep your competition from going in and changing your phone number to theirs?  Wouldn’t you rather describe your own business as opposed to letting Google or your competitors describe it?

Go to Google immediately and search for your business.  When you find it in the map search, it will either say Verified or it will have “Edit Listing” and “Business Owner”.  Clicking on the Business Owner link will begin the process of claiming your listing and protecting your business’ online presence.

If you need assistance in the process, contact 800biz for all your website design, SEO, search engine optimization, online marketing and social media marketing needs.


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