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Field Of Dreams Revisited

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If You Build It Will They Come?

If You Build It Will They Come?

You have probably heard me use the analogy that the web is not the “Field of Dreams,” where if you build it they will come. For the last few years, we have focused on creating web sites using the latest search engine optimization techniques to help our sites reach prominent search engine ranking.

With 63% of all consumers going to the web before they make a decision on any product or service, being found is critical. But the bigger question is, with an abundance of competition in almost every category, why would a consumer choose your site over any other site?

Once it was important that you just have a web presence. If it looked good, was easy to navigate and loaded quickly, it stood a good chance for success. Today, things are quite different. Claiming you have the best prices/best quality/best customer service doesn’t cut it. Every other site says the same thing. Hoo Hum! Consumers aren’t buying that any longer.

What does your site offer? Is there a compelling offer or call to action? Do you clearly explain what you do? Do you offer delivery? Do you service your entire area or only selected parts?

Want your site to stand out? Add a video. If your site has a video that welcomes people to your site, or explains what you do, would that separate you from your competition? Do you have an email newsletter consumers can subscribe to? How about a Podcast to personally tell new visitors what you do?

Does the content of your site stand out? So many of us have trouble writing about our own business. Try having a friend or even good customer write your info. Better still, hire a professional to write the copy for your website. (I do have a couple of good sources if you need help.)

It’s time to revisit your website with an eye to making a statement that lifts your site above the rest.

If you build it, and they come, will they find any reason to take action?  That’s the question. specializes in website design, search engine optimization, search engine marketing and social media marketing.

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I'm supposed to do WHAT?!?

I am supposed to do WHAT?

When presenting my clients with a marketing plan to go along with their website, one of the first elements I mention is blogging. The reaction I get range from a deer in the headlights to a stifled scream and lots of hair pulling.

The first group has heard the word blog, but as far as they know, it’s a big log. For those that know what a blog is, the thought of writing something conjures up visions of their high school English teacher, complete with ruler in hand.

For those that don’t know, a blog (short for Web Log) is a type of website. The advantages of a blog are they can be created and updated in plain text by an individual, without using any html or other coding and without the need for a web designer. Another advantage of a blog is it can be used with RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds. Simply stated, an RSS feed can take a blog post and make it easily readable on many websites and news pages. Readers can even subscribe and receive notice every time a blog is posted.

So now you know what it is, the biggest question is why should I care? I’m not an author and everyone knows what my business does. Maybe the first is true, but does everyone really know what you do. “I’m a pool cleaner, everyone know I clean pools.” Oh really. Well let’s see. Do you repair pool filters? Do you clean pool filters? Do you clean hot tubs? Do you monitor chemical levels? Do you supply the chemicals? Are you getting the picture now? If you don’t tell prospective customers exactly what you do, why should they pick you over the other 50 companies out there?

Now let’s take the pool cleaner a step further. Do you customers ask you any questions? Is there any information they would like to know? How about tips on how to use less chemicals? What about pool safety techniques? Maybe water exercises they can do or even tax credits available for solar water heating. Be creative. You know your business, don’t be afraid to tell people about it.

One more huge Blog benefit – have your blog post appear on your web site home page. For all my clients that blog regularly, I add their blog feed to their home page. While there are a couple of ways to do that, the method I use is readable by the search engines. If search engine ranking is important, your blog can help. Search engines love sites that change regularly. By feeding the blog to the home page, every time a new blog is posted, the search engines see it as a change to the site and come back more frequently. The ultimate result is an increase in search engine ranking.

So don’t fear the blog. A blog is your friend. Embrace the blog.

Gary Wagnon and specialize in website design, search engine optimization, search engine marketing and social media marketing. For more information, visit our websites – and .


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