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Is Your Company Brand One of These?

Is Your Company Brand One of These?

I discussed branding and the need for consistency in building brand awareness for a local business in my previous post. The next decision is whether you are putting your brand in a 1972 Pinto (challenging you youngsters again with that one) or a luxurious Mercedes.

Or more like one of these?

Or more like one of these?

Maybe you have a website but the only way you can find it on Google is by commissioning Indiana Jones to search for it among the other other artifacts out there. Or maybe your site does show up on Google, but only if you type one specific keyword.

What if your consumer isn’t on Google? Blasphemous I know but true. Recent surveys show that people spend an average of 8 minutes a day searching for things online. The same survey showed they spend 22 minutes a day on social media (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc) They are also reading news articles.

So shouldn’t your marketing and branding efforts try to reach your consumers where they are? What if your customers saw your business when they were sending an email on Gmail? Or reading an article about their favorite baseball team on Or checking out the latest videos on YouTube? Granted, that’s not likely to spur them to stop and contact you at that very moment. But, if they see you with regularity, who do you think they will look for when they are ready for your services?

By using a diverse approach, you stand a better chance of being in front of our customers where they are. There are times when you go hunting with a rifle and others when you hunt with a shotgun (before the animal lovers rise up, it’s just an analogy, I’m not a hunter.) This is the right place for the shotgun approach. Hit as many impressions as you can.

Creating a diverse marketing approach can be a daunting task especially when you only want to target local businesses. If you would like a simple, one stop shop, you should check out LocalAdLink ( This service pushes your business out to over 300 high traffic search engines, directories and web sites, plus to their proprietary ad network of over 10,000 web sites.

Now’s the time to trade in the 72 Pinto and bring your brand into the 21 century. specializes in website design, search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

If you want to see an ingenious use of viral marketing – one reviewer called it “The greatest viral marketing idea of all time” – take a look at The Ultimate SuperTip – a free book packed with valuable and unique marketing tips.


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Branding Can Be Painless

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Branding – no I’m not talking about using a red hot iron. The kind of branding I’m talking about large companies have been doing for years. But now small businesses are beginning to understand the value.

Branding Your Business

Branding Your Business

Your brand is your business identity. Done properly, consumers don’t even need to see your business name to recognize your business. I’m going to date myself and for some of you youngsters, you may not recognize these. For the rest of you, see how many of these you can guess.

Stronger Than Dirt

Plop Plop Fizz Fizz

A little dab will do ya.

Where’s the beef?

Takes a licking and keeps on ticking

Every things better with ____________ on it

Okay youngsters – here are a couple for you.

Just Do It

_____ gives you wings

Your in good hands with _____

Many of these slogans are decades old but you can instantly recall the company it represents. That’s Branding!

You are probably saying, “My business doesn’t have a huge advertising budget nor a Madison Avenue Ad agency to create catchy slogans.” That’s correct but for a local business, a catchy slogan isn’t the only way to create branding. Diversity and consistency are.

Consistency means using the same company identity in everything you do. Your website should have the same look as your business cards which should match your company vehicles, which should match your brochures and print advertising. The goal of consistency is to have instant recognition of your business without having to see the name.

I will cover diversity in the next post so stay tuned. is a website design company that specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and online marketing.  For more information visit our website at  To findo our how to reach local customers in the zip codes you want to target,  visit


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