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Now Starring….

   Posted by: Gary Wagnon    in search engine optimization, web design

If you had to choose a entry point to get your business in the social media, why not choose one with the highest possible traffic and the least amount of work? YouTube is where you need to start.

Almost everyone has a video camera these days. Even some cell phones have video capability. And if not, you can purchase a video camera for less than $80 (need a good source check out There is no need for studio production for small businesses. The purpose of the video is to give browsers a feel for what your business is all about. People like dealing with “regular folks”. If your business is relaxed and fun, let your video show that. If your business is more upscale or serious, convey that idea.

Once you have created your Speilberg masterpiece, the easy part begins. Create a YouTube account if you don’t already have one. That will take you a whopping 5 minutes. Then upload your video. Be sure you put a title and description in that tells people what your business is. The description should always start with your web address. It should be list in this format – . That will make the address a clickable link and take anyone (including the search engines) to your website for more information about you.

The only thing left to do is embed the video in your website. When the video finishes uploading, you will see a link and an embed code. Cut and paste (or send to your webmaster) the code. When people are browsing your site, they can click on the video and watch it within your site.

So Action, Camera, Rolling!!


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How “Social” Are You?

   Posted by: Gary Wagnon    in search engine optimization, web design

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’ve heard about Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. The social media phenomenon is the hottest thing on the web right now. Three of the top 5 sites on the web are Facebook, YouTube and MySpace. Everyone wants to be on top of Google, but consider this. The average time a person spends per day on Google or Yahoo is 8-9 minutes. The average time a person spends per day on Facebook or YouTube is over 22 minutes. (Source: Alexa)

If your customers are spending almost 3 times as much time on social media sites, why wouldn’t you want to be where your customers are? Okay, you want to be there so maybe a better question is, why aren’t you there? The truth is most people don’t understand the social media or don’t have the time. Over the next few days, I will address both questions and give you some ideas on how to tackle the social media beast.

If you don’t want to wait, or would like help creating a social media game plan, contact me at or call 520-861-4821.


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