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Get Out Your Referral Nets

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You’re going to need one to catch all the business that will come your way. Chose referral marketing as your primary advertising, and watch your business grow into the whale you know it will be.

Referral marketing is about getting great recommendations from those you who know you. Let them make the introductions, and then make these people happy, too. Create relationships. Offer help. Be sincere.

Once you have a strong foundation, keep in touch. Regularly let them know they can ask for help anytime. Remind them of this in a meaningful way, and you’ll stay on their minds, bringing you even more business.

See how this works? Before you know it, you’ll have a huge group of business prospects who will take your calls.

These people are priceless.

Do you have a system for staying on their minds? Regular contact creates trusting relationships. Relationships are what bring business your way.

OK. Now you’re on board with the necessity, how can you make this happen?

The Mechanics of Keeping in Touch

Be honest. How many relationships can you pay attention to at any one time? Count them up. Short of giving up sleep, I’ll bet no more than 30 or 40 quality and interactive relationships are all you can manage.

Need to find the time to do this? How about substituting endless phone calls and lunches with personal cards sent through the mail?

Studies show that greeting cards are the best way to keep in touch and show sincere interest in people.  Who in the business world does THAT? Not many.

Ever get a card from a dentist thanking you for letting them clean your teeth? You mean money to them, and should show appreciation for your business. I’ll bet you’d be a loyal patient and refer them to all your friends.

How do you feel when you get an unexpected card in the mail? It puts that person in your thoughts. When it happens on a regular basis, and they’ll be on your mind when other’s need what they have.
See where this is going? See why card sending is such an integral piece of a strong but simple marketing program?

Painlessly and Inexpensively Make This Happen

Here’s a story from the owner of one of the biggest law firms in Chicago. David employs a full-time assistant whose sole job is to send 6,000 cards per month to clients. Can you imagine how much work that took?

That poor assistant had to:

  1. Keep a schedule of who to send cards to and when
  2. Manage an inventory of note cards
  3. Hand write individual messages
  4. Get the boss’ signature on each one
  5. Stuff envelopes
  6. Buy and apply stamps
  7. Get cards to the post office

A chunk of this had to happen every day. It did not come cheap. Between supplies, stamps and his assistant’s salary, David was spending about $10,000 a month on cards.

Why do you think David wanted to send all those cards in the first place? They built his multi-million dollar legal business! He kept in touch with clients who loved his services and sent referrals to him.

How’d you like an enormous business like that built on a “house of cards”??

You Don’t Have to Have a Personal
Assistant to Send Out Your Cards

Here’s YOUR process. Run to the store, find a card, pay up to $5 for it, write a message, search for their address, put the card in an envelope, find a stamp and run it to the post office. Whew! No wonder most of us don’t send cards!

How about if we streamline the process? Here you go!

Online greeting cards!

  • Send real cards, in your own handwriting from your computer, click your mouse and let a card company print it, stamp it (with a real stamp), and take it to the post office for you.
  • Better yet, what if you could send a series of personalized, heartfelt cards over a period of time, with one click of a mouse?
  • You can even do this over and over with the same card and the same basic message, but your recipient only sees that it was written just for them.

You just created personal greeting cards in a matter of minutes.

Imagine the number of people that you could be able to stay in touch with, not to mention the number of referrals that would flood your way because of all this contact!

Some of you may have heard there is a recession going on (it’s been in all the papers!)  But since November, my business has skyrocketed!  This little card service increased my business by 200% during a time when everyone is pinching pennies. I share it with all my clients and it’s working its magic for them too.

See for yourself. Go to:

Try it out. Give me a call at 520-861-4821. I’ll answer questions or walk you through the process if needed.

I’ll warn you now, the biggest problem for system users is picking out the card you want to send. You’ve got 14,000 cards in the company’s inventory AND an unlimited number you can create with your own pictures. Making up your mind is the tough part!


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Get Quality Referrals

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Walter Hailey was a mediocre life insurance salesman until he developed a system to generate more referrals.  His simple system generated more the a billion dollars in sales in 8 years.  So what was this business changing system — he went to people he paid money to and asked them for referrals to their other clients and customers.

Think about it.  If you approached your accountant or insurance agent and asked for referrals do you think they would say “No”?  You pay money to them to provide you with products and/or services and they feel an obligation to help you.  Do you think these would be good quality referrals?  Of course they would.

This might be awkward to do in person, so here’s an easy system to help speed the process along.  Use a greeting card.  Make up a card with your picture and ask for referrals in a professional and  dignified way.  Send one to every person you spend money with.

SendOutCards is the perfect tool to help you automate this system, as well as other traffic generating ideas.  For a free test drive, visit my web site at  The information you fill in is kept strictly private and only I see it.  Send a couple of free cards on me.  Or give me a call and I will walk you through the process, answer any questions and help you get started.


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