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High Tech vs. The Personal Touch

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We send and receive emails by the dozens in a day.  Text messages fly through the airwaves with the greatest of ease.  It takes only a few minutes to send a email or text message.  So we think we are doing so well when we communicate with our customers that way.  Or even better, we let our customers know how much we appreciate them with an email or fax.  Now that’s personal!

But when it comes to appreciation and building solid relationships, progress is not always a good thing.  How many emails did you delete today?  How many voice mails did you erase?  If you want to truly be remembered for your thoughtfulness, mail a personalized greeting card.  Statistics from the US Postal Service says that less than 30% of the people expect to get anything personal in their mail.  So imagine how impressive it will be when they receive a greeting card from you.  And if the card has their picture on it, that card is never going to get thrown out.  It will stay on their refrigerator or desk, reminding them of you every time they look at it.

If you would like the ability to create personal greeting cards using your own photos, handwriting and signature, contact me for a free test drive.


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