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The Power of the Unexpected Act of Appreciation

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Have you ever had someone give you a gift or do something nice for you?  What was your reaction?  It’s human nature to want to do something in nice in return.  If it’s in the context of business, we want to do something for that business.  Businesses often send a “Thank You” letter or card after a sale.  But how many send a card of appreciation 6 months or a year later?  Oh, we are good about saying we appreciate your business and we have a special sale right now so give us some more of your business.  Those are the cards and letters that get tossed in file 13 as just another piece of junk mail.  What I’m talking about is sending a card or note to say “I appreciate you and am honored you choose to do business with me.”  This unexpected act of appreciation is a powerful tool.  Will you get a response every time you send one?  Of course not, but the effect is long term and long lasting.  Human nature kicks in and they want to return the gesture.  That may mean actively referring you to friends or co-workers, or maybe making that purchase now instead of in the future.

So why don’t more of businesses do this?  The answer is time.  It’s a time consuming process.  It’s hard to track and manage.  So while everyone agrees it’s a good idea, most businesses never do it.  But there is a service that is quick and easily manageable.  If you would like to see  just how easily you can start putting appreciation to work for you, give me a call or email.  I will arrange a 10 minute demonstration for you.


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