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The Referral of a Lifetime

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Given the choice, which is more valuable to have — a prospect from an ad or a referral from a satisfied client or customer?  In my case, I will take the referral every time.  My credibility is much higher and the chances of closing a sales is far greater.  In today’s economy, the new business is much harder to come by so you need every edge you can gain.   Referrals give you the edge over the competition.

I recently read an incredible book titled, “The Referral of a Lifetime” by Tim Templeton.  It teaches a system to develop your relationships and cultivate a limitless source of referrals.  One key component is the “Keeping in Touch” phase.  “Business happens on a personal level after a professional impression has been made.”  When was the last time you read a newsletter from your CPA or someone else you do business with.  But if they remembered your birthday by sending a card, that makes an impression.  What if they sent you a card thanking you for your business through the years?  You are much more likely to refer them to your friends and/or customers.

The second phase is the “Web of Appreciation”.  If someone that you sent gave a referral to sent you not only a card of thanks but a gift, you would be impressed, appreciative and, more likely than not, you would  send more referrals their way.

The key to creating a system like this is it must be automated.  Most business people are already pressed for time and can’t find the time to manage a cumbersome system, so it won’t happen.

SendOutCards is the perfect answer.  You can automate your cards, even scheduling a series of cards to send at regular intervals.  SendOutCards has an assortment of gifts and gift cards you can include with your card, in any price range, from a $5 Starbucks or BlockBuster Gift card to gift baskets and gourmet foods.  All from your computer and sent in less the 2 minutes.  Test drive the service by sending a couple of free cards on me by going to

If you would like to download a recap of this book, click here.


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